Top 5 Best Kotatsu Tables - Reviews By Tables

Hello!! guys if you have reached our site then I am pretty sure that you are interested in buying the Kotatsu tables. These tables are different from the simple table available on the market. A lot of factors are involved in its uniqueness like a wooden table, heater, fluffy blanket and more important its price. Since it is the demand of everyone, we have searched and collected top 5 Kotatsu tables as follow:

  1. Kotatsu Table & Mattress & Coverlet

This table can be used for more than 4 people at a time. It is the perfect product for the family. This product combines the three things Kotatsu table, futon cover, duvet cover, and mat. All specification of these materials are as follow:



Kotatsu table

  • Size:Width 120 cm, Depth 80 cm, and Height 36 cm
  • Material:Surface finish with UV paint.

Futon cover

  • Size:240 cm × 190 cm
  • Material:Flannel, Fleece, and Polyester.


  • Size: 190 cm x 240 cm
  • Material:Flannel, Nonwoven fabric, and Polyester.

Pice at Amazon: $925.99

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  1. Kotatsu Heater Table


Kotatsu Heater Table consists of a table, mattress, and a futon cover. It has a flannel cloth like a floor bedding with a side mattress. It is smooth and flexible. All specification of these materials are as follow:

Kotatsu table
  • Size:Width 80 cm, Depth 80 cm, and Height 35.5 cm
  • Material:MDF direct printing with UV paint.
Futon cover
  • Size:190 cm × 190 cm
  • Material:polyester, polypropylene, polyester, and urethane foam


  • Size: 245 cm x 190 cm
  • Material:polyester, polypropylene, polyester, and urethane foam.

Price at Amazon: $679.99

  1. Casual Kotatsu Table Warm Foot with Adjustable Top

It is a compatible sized Kotatsu table and fit for one person use. It has a reversible top, so you can enjoy its two feature at a time. It uses the power of 300V to get a charge. It automatically switches on and off and best ever table in the whole year. It consists of one unit, Kotatsu table itself so it has the following speciation:


  • Size:width 75 cm, depth 75 cm, and height 38.5 cm
  • Weight:7 kg
  • Top surface and legs: melamine decorative board and PVC
  • Power consumed:300 W
  • Power consumed per hour:80 wh

Price at Amazon: $435.98

  1. Azumaya Kotatsu table

It is a wooden table with a medium size heat at the bottom of the table. It has no mattress or a cover. If anyone wants a heater table without the mattress and cover then it will be the best option for them. It is overall one unit with wooden table and an iron heater, so its specification is as follow:


  • Size:width 90 cm, depth 30 cm, and height 56 cm
  • Weight:14 kg
  • Top surface and legs: Wooden and fiber material
  • Power consumed:300 W

Price at Amazon: $408.91

  1. Wooden Square Kotatsu Table with the separate Heater unit

This deal provides you with 2 separate unit. Kotatsu tables and a heater unit. You can use them combine of separately. The table is purely made of wood and PVC. Electric heater takes 300 W energy.

Price at Amazon: $666.66